Inspired by Saul Leiter

A nod and dedication to the influence of the great Saul Leiter on some of my practices. RIP.

Saul Leiter has always had a great influence on my photography. His images stand out from the crowd as being different and almost like paintings. Through studying his work, he appears to have spend a lot of time in coffee shops shooting through steamy windows. Sounds good to me.

What is immediately obvious is his use of a longer lens than most photographers, along with a prolific use of the vertical orientation (see my article on ‘you are holding your camera wrong‘). Oddly, when forcing myself to shoot with a 90mm lens, I also find myself orienting vertically. I also seem to find myself sitting down in coffee shops looking out of windows quite a lot.

You can find some of his beautiful work on


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“That’s the most stupid question I have ever been asked.”
– Saul Leiter