Contemporary Photography

A growing interest in contemporary photography has seen a rise in requests for exhibitions and commissions, as well as international print sales. Although involved in event, artwork and other commercial photography, his heart lies on the streets. There he capture life’s little moments, those mostly missed by the unobservant, but always a treat for a street photographer.

I did have here some other extracts here from some articles written about me. Grateful as I am, they were art mumbo jumbo, also known as ‘arty bollox’. I take photographs that I like. I like to continually get better, and I like it when other’s like my photographs. Art doesn’t have to be described using inaccessible vocabularies or by seeking deep meaning. Most artists produce work they enjoy. By trying to be too deep and meaningful when describing art, we make it inaccessible to the general public. We don’t ‘explore in darkness of’ or the ‘inner meaning of’. We explore art for its beauty, whether that be photography, painting, music, dance or whatever. We won’t all like all art, but that’s fine.

For me personally, I have discovered (unexpectedly), that the world actually is a more beautiful place than I realised. It is only by learning to ‘see’ that I now fully see what is going on around me, the contrast, the light, life’s little moments. It really is a joy, but it takes a lot of work to get there. If I can also inspire others then my work is done.

colour street photography
A different type of street photography