Contemporary Photography

A growing interest in contemporary photography has seen a rise in requests for exhibitions and commissions, as well as international print sales. Although involved in event, artwork and other commercial photography, his heart lies on the streets. There he capture life’s little moments, those mostly missed by the unobservant, but always a treat for a street photographer.

A recent article from photo-hub discusses Mark’s photographic approach:

Excerpt: “Simple imagery of urban life can become stagnant and over-used in the discipline of photography, aspects of daily life intended as reportage can be dulled through the lens of a camera. Mark Heathcote’s tactic of observation within his art allows his process to have all the spontaneity of random and ordinary moments of human interaction, simplistic in their nature, but with deeper meanings and attributes that lead a viewer to look further at the image and make their own varying interpretations.

Mark’s newest works seem, at face value, to be a study of shadow and line, however, when studied further it is easy to notice both the progression in his process and the elements of human contact captured.”

colour street photography
A different type of street photography