You know what, Saul Leiter said it all ‘I don’t have a philosophy, I have a camera’. I am not (usually) trying to portray anything deep in my photographs; I do it because I love it. Sometimes I can produce something that could be considered art. Sometimes I have enough similar good images to call them a project, and a number of them become my portfolio. I wish there was something deeper in all this, and that I had some ‘vision’ that I was working to, but ultimately my working style is to study a lot of photographs from the masters and work very hard at becoming better and better. That does not mean that photography is easy. Far from it, it takes some serious dedication and learning how to ‘see’. It is certainly nothing to do with how good your camera is.

There is no need to over analyse this stuff (either photography or other forms of art). But, for those that like to, here is an auto generated self statement from . Meanwhile, I really hope you enjoy looking at my photographs. If you see something deep in them, it is of course deliberate…..” – Mark Heathcote

My photographic portfolio explores the relationship between new class identities and urban spaces. With influences as diverse as Munch and Francis Bacon, new tensions are synthesised from both opaque and transparent layers.

Ever since a teenager I have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of the universe. What starts out as vision soon becomes corrupted into a manifesto of futility, leaving only a sense of failing and the possibility of a new beginning. As shifting phenomena become frozen through emergent and diverse practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the outposts of our world.